Dr. Sunil Kumar Karna MD,DM (PGIMER, Chandigarh) Karamsad, Dist. Anand

"I have been using the softcath for past few months . I am amazed by the dedication of the JVS group in making such a wonderful software which is very essential in present day cardiology practice. Apart from usefulness in research work and paper publications , this is an excellent tool to manage patient database which is essential in our country with no central database system as in USA. I am very much satisfied with the simple and user friendly interface for data entry, storage and analysis. The technical support is just fabulous."

Cairo Cath Center, Cairo, Egypt

"We have recently installed SoftCath software in Cairo Cath Center cath-lab and since then cath-lab physicians are feeling more relaxed about reporting and clinical data management. It in an easy to use software with world class features. Now our team devotes more time on patient care."

Dr. N A M Momenuzzaman, United Hospitals, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"We find SoftCath software efficient and reliable. It is very easy to use and is useful for any hospitals/institution having cath lab facility. It has been of great help for our team of interventional cardiologist in studying clinical outcomes and analyzing cath-lab procedure data along with cath-lab reporting."

Dr. Sameer I. Dani, Lifecare Hospital & Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad

"I have been using software cath-lab reporting software "SoftCath" provided by JVS Group since last 5 years and am very much satisfied with the quality of software and services provided by the company."

Dr. A. V. Ganesh Kumar, Hiranandani Hospitals, Mumbai

"I am very much satisfied with SoftCath software. This software has helped us perform cath-lab reporting and clinical data management task with ease. The quality of services provided by JVS Group is very good."

Dr. Devi Reddy, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh

"I am using your SoftClinic Hospital Management Software for the last one week. It is really superb. Actually I was in search of Hospital Management Software of this type for the last 4 years. Finally I could find out your Soft Clinic Software, which is very flexible and easy to use. I am ready to recommend Soft Clinic Software to many of my friends, who are in search of Hospital Management Software."

Dr. Hardik Shah - Orthopedic Surgeon, Ahmedabad

"Softclinic is a Best Software for Clinical Practice as well as Hospital Management and data Management. It is very much user friendly, easy to Understand and manageable. You never Require a long training to operate this Software, If you are a Computer savvy !!

It includes almost all facility , which is required by any Speciality Medical Practitioner.All available modules in market in Medical Softwares are included in a 'Softclinic'.

The best part in the Software is after sales service. It has an excellent after sales service and engineers are always ready to customize the Software as per our need."

Dr. Vishal Gupta - Consulting Endocrine Diabetes & Metabloc Physician, Mumbai

"SoftClinic is user friendly software. It's complete software to keep my case records effectively. The quality of support provided by JVS is excellent."

Dr. Maulin Shah - Orthopedic Surgeon, Ahmedabad

"When I started my new clinic, I was looking for software for my clinical records. I found all the features of SoftClinic suitable with my clinical practice. I am very much satisfied with SoftClinic. The support and services provided by JVS Group are up to the mark because of professional staff behavior & skill. Thank you."

Dr. Dhiren Faldu - M.S. (General Surgeon), Rajkot

"SoftClinic made my hospital paperless. I can maintain all my hospital records in SoftClinic. It is very user friendly software. Thank you."

Dr. Shaival Trivedi - Consultant Cardiologist, Vadodara

"I recommend SoftClinic for your clinical records. It has all the features a cardiologist needs in day to day practice."

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