Our Values

Product Design/Analysis/ Development:  Right from the analysis and product planning to development, testing and creating deployable/ installable versions.

Security Solutions:  Encryption, Compliances integration, Web based Security, Server management, Network security, Firewalls etc.

Virtual Reality:  Creation of virtual web presence via interactivity and Artificial Intelligence.

Through the years of working with numerous clients in various domains, we have built expertise in deploying numerous platforms, tools, and programming languages. Today, we implement our solutions using the latest information technologies available in the market in our products and projects.

Our services include:

  • Hospital Management Software Development
  • Offshore Custom Software Development
  • Innovation Software Development
  • E-Commerce Software Development
  • Web Site Development and Hosting
  • Trunkey Software / Application Migration on various platform

We help our clients in

  • Congregating the rapid-changing  in their business requirements
  • Gearing up their resources and utilizing them for more strategic projects
  • Getting advantage from knowledge acquired from other customers
  • Immediate ROI which can be measured after JVS Product installation

Payment Methods: Online Payment | NEFT/Cheque